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Making the Transition with Encompass (Chart)

Making the Transition with Encompass (Chart)

For a print version of the chart (below), click here.


J. J. Keller Encompass AOBRD REquirements and Processes ELD Requirements and Processes
  • Portable devices do not have to be mounted
  • Driver must have:
    • Records for current day and previous
      7 days in the ELD or paper
  • Portable devices must be mounted within drivers view
  • Driver must have:
    • Records for current day and previous 7 days in the ELD
    • User’s manual
    • Data transfer instruction sheet
    • Blank grid log
    • Malfunction reporting instructions
  • Can log in to On-Duty, Off-Duty, Personal Conveyance, Sleeper Berth.

For Android:

  • Can log in to On-Duty only 
  • Functionality similar to iOS coming soon
Driver is able to log in to the following statuses:
  • On-Duty Not Driving
  • On-Duty Yard Move
  • Off-Duty
  • Off-Duty – Personal Conveyance
  • Sleeper Berth
NOTE: Yard Move and Personal Conveyance MUST be
selected before driving in either mode. Edits are not
allowed to automatic recorded driving events.
Driver selects the Roadside Inspection menu and
hands device to the DOT officer
Driver will need to:
  • Select the Roadside Inspection icon 
  • Select data transfer method – DOT officer will state either email or web-service
  • Ensure all log edits are annotated and unassigned events reviewed
  • Follow new in-cab requirements

NOTE: If cell service is not available, driver can show
ELogs on the device itself
MALFUNCTIONS Log edits are not allowed by the driver
  • Drivers must review, edit/correct, and certify their logs
  • Back-office users can suggest changes but they are not valid until approved by the driver
  • After edits are made, driver MUST recertify logs
  • Drivers are NOT allowed to shorten an automatically recorded driving event


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