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Special Driving Categories - Personal Conveyance and Yard Moves

Special Driving Categories - Personal Conveyance AND yard Moves

Major Changes as a result of Regulation 395.28:

  • Allowance for Special Driving Conditions (like Personal Use or Yard Moves)
  • Driver can be Exempt from ELD use
  • Driver required to Annotate when using Special Driving Conditions
  • Driver must notate end of Special Driving Condition



First, under the Encompass Rules area, the following rules must be set:


Regarding the "Exempt from ELD Use?" flag.

For starters, this is applied on a driver-by-driver basis. The Encompass administrator can't make it blanket rule at the company level. For another, if the flag is selected and applied toward a driver, there will be an additional field to fill in:


Changing Duty Status with Special Conditions

In the application, a Yard move would look something like this:


And a Personal Use status change would look like this:


Notice that a Yard Move will be "On Duty Not Driving" while a Personal Use will be "Off Duty."

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