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(old) Purge Records - How to Purge Drivers


These steps will walk you through purging Driver (Employee) records.  Remember that this process is permanent.  Remember, also, that a purge of a driver record is a purge of all associated records as well (i.e., logs and attachments).


Steps to Purge Drivers

  1. Start from the Driver Management | Employee Tab
  2. Locate the "Purge Employee Info" link (right hand menu under "Related Areas")
  3. You'll see a Parameter screen allowing you to filter records by:
    • Company Levels (Locations)
    • Job Classes
    • Employment Statuses
    • Employees
    • Termination Date Range
    • Purge Options (Notice that Purge Terminated Drivers Only is selected for you)
  4. Set your parameters per your requirements
    • Example: You want to purge out terminated drivers terminated >3 years ago.  You would set the Termination Date Range to be "1/1/1900" for "From" AND [Today's Date - 3 Years] for the "To" Date.   If [Today] is "2/1/2017," this means your "To" date would be "2/1/2014."
      • You would leave the Purge Option the way it is with Purge Terminated Drivers Only on)
  5. Click "Purge"
  6. You will see a list view of the included Drivers for purge.

     If you are attempting to purge drivers that have records with special retention requirements, the system will warn you first.
  7. Click "Yes" to Purge the driver records.  NOTE:  This is the last step before the records are permanently purged.  
  8. View Success Message


What if the List For Purge is Wrong?

What if you get your list view of drivers for purge and you see a bunch of records you don't want purged?  Go back to the parameters screen and figure out your filtering error.  Don't continue to purge when you see records on that list you don't want purged.  They will be purged.


What Might Be off on the Parameters Screen

  1. Check that you've got the option boxes selected correctly.  If you miss one, the system will also miss it.  There's an outer option box AND an inner option box.  Check BOTH.
  2. Did you uncheck the "Purge Terminated Drivers Only"?  

    If you did, you're getting all your drivers -- active and terminated.
  3. Is your date range correct?  For instance: Are you filtering for all terminated drivers from 1/1/1900 to "Today's Date"?  This would mean all your recently terminated drivers would also be included.  

    If you did, you're getting all terminated drivers up to "today."
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