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J. J. Keller Support Center

KellerMobile iOS 4/7/2019 (Version .204)


Area Description Reference ID
DVIR When setting is disabled in Encompass to "Allow Driver to Complete electronic DVIR" in Encompass, do not allow drivers to complete DVIRs in KellerMobile 70821
DVIR Display license plate field on DVIR entry screen for users operating under the Canadian hours of service 71754
DVIR Corrected issue where some DVIRs show a submission error, but the DVIR actually is saved and displayed in Encompass 73208
DVIR Add unit search functionality, when adding a DVIR 73195
DVIR Allow free-form entry for towed units, not in Encompass 73799
DVIR Allow driver to resolve individual defects, instead of the DVIR, as a whole 70912
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