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J. J. Keller Support Center

KellerMobile iOS 1/6/2019 (Version .198)


Area Description Reference ID
Connectivity Ensure the clocks display when there is a short bluetooth disconnect and reconnect, while driving 65873
Connectivity Added discovery tips to the Perform ELD Discovery screen 66071
Connectivity Increase the speed of the login process, when no data connection is present 68646
DVIR Require a driver to be in an on-duty status when completing a DVIR 69556
ELD Hardware Prevent an ELD firmware update failure message when logging in with no data connection 66209
Event Creation Ensure accumulated vehicle miles, elapsed engine hours, and odometer values are populated on intermediate events 67748
Event Creation Record odometer values for ignition events, consistently 67750
Event Creation Record intermediate event when in driving status but the vehicle is not moving 67752
Event Creation Only record one intermediate event at a time 67757
Event Creation Store elapsed engine hours to the hundredth value 67760
Event Creation Prevent driver from being put into off duty status at midnight, when he/she logged out in a sleeper berth status 69304
Locations Corrected missing latitude/longitude for the automatically generated on duty event, following driving 59761
Locations Removed requirement for AOBRD log locations to be greater than four characters 62892
Log Edits Do not allow the app to force close when a log is edited in Encompass and then sent down to the mobile app 64517
Log Submission New design/experience for log submission 66607 and 68118
Mandate Transition Ensure log summaries are not zeroed out on AOBRD logs that were created prior to the transition to the ELD solution 68441
Roadside Inspection Properly populate the event sequence id for the ELD Output File 65887
Roadside Inspection Include the CMV order number for unidentified events in the output file 67758
Special Driving Categories Modifications to the Exempt from ELD functionality to handle events properly 40042 and 66631
Special Driving Categories Corrected the "End Hyrail" prompt from displaying prior to the "drive off" event when we start driving again 63790
Special Driving Categories Create an intermediate log event at midnight even if driving for less than 60 minutes 65889
Team Drivers Populate the unit number/tractor number in event records, when the user logs in after another user 63295
Trip Information Removed the cancel button from the Trip Info screen 65983
Unidentified Events Ensure events generated between the start and end of unidentified driving, that is claimed, is marked as inactive 63842
Unidentified Events Prevent the driver from claiming drive time that would overwrite existing automatically created drive time 66206
Unidentified Events Populate the unit number on claimed unidentified events 66318
Unidentified Events Prompt the driver to recertify th elog after claiming unidentified events from the previous day 66533
Unidentified Events Ensure the unidentified event following the claimed unidentified event is not also assigned to the driver 67754
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