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J. J. Keller Support Center

KellerMobile Android 7/28/2019 (Version .218)


Area Description Reference ID
General Remedied app crash "Attempt to invoke virtual method 'int' on a null object reference." 76686
Hours of Service Ensured drivers are not prompted to re-certify previously certified logs, after reading history from prior days 76399
Hours of Service Corrected instance where some logs showed 0 hours in the summary to the right of the grid 75868
Hours of Service Allowed log remarks to be available for entry after initial login 53278
Hours of Service Address scenario in which some drivers remain in driving, when the application is backgrounded and the mobile app loses connectivity to the ELD 76617
Hours of Service Addressed scenario in which some drivers were not having pending log edits downloading to the mobile application 76805
Performance Remedied issue with some driver and vehicle performance data not appearing in Encompass 75207
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