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KellerMobile Android 6/24/2019 (Version .216 - replaced .214)


Area Description Reference ID
DVIR Provide a mechanism for inspectors to be able to review DVIRs while in mandate roadside inspection mode, while operating under the Canadian hours of service 66438
DVIR Show correct "Submitted By" user for inspections 75167
DVIR Allow location to be entered and require odometer field for drivers operating under the Canadian ruleset 72799
General Address display inconsistencies when car mode is engaged 75690
General Remedy binderproxy error that causes the application to crash with an unhandled exception 74719
General Remedy clocks screen flashing black and seconds counters flickering 74275
General Removed duplicate menu items for Log Off and System Menu 74546
Hours of Service Remedy out of memory error that can occur when attempting to download uncertified logs from Encompass 75228
Hours of Service Correct situation in which the application can remain in the driving status, if device time moves ahead while driving and a blue tooth disconnection happens before the "drive off" event 75981
Hours of Service Address error "boolean com.jjkeller.kmbapi.proxydata.EmployeeLog.M()" that can occur when submitting logs 75492
Hours of Service Address error "boolean com.jjkeller.kmbapi.proxydata.EmployeeLog.N()" that can occur when submitting logs 75814
Hours of Service Updates to the log submission process to show a status view of different components of the submission 75625
Hours of Service Make further improvements to address the flashing clocks screen 75090
Hours of Service Ensure drivers do not get a rest break violation when using exempt logs and operating over midnight 74606
Hours of Service Correct scenario in which the status will remain in driving, if the the vehicle is moved under 5mph (drive start threshold), while the "Continue in Driving" prompt is displayed 68454
Hours of Service Remedy repeated disconnections/reconnections to/from the ELD 75018
Hours of Service Enhance the certify and submit process, so that the logs are certified by default, and the driver can deselect to not certify 75209
Hours of Service Ensure when a driver chooses to log out at an "Exact Time" that the time is properly recorded 71379
Video Application Add a menu item to allow drivers to access the Encompass Video application 72582
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