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J. J. Keller Support Center

KellerMobile Android 3/7/2019 (Version .206)


Area Description Reference ID
Hours of Service Address issue where some drivers could not log out and submit logs following transition from AOBRD to ELD 72587
Hours of Service

Correct negative value being displayed for off duty counter

Hours of Service

Remedied issue where driving is recorded following personal conveyance event, even though the driver has indicated his/her status should be off duty-personal conveyance


Corrected issue where driver was given error when submitting DVIR, but DVIR appeared in Encompass

DVIR Add unit search functionality, when adding a DVIR 73194
DVIR When company disables "Allow Driver to Complete electronic DVIR" in Encompass, do not allow drivers to complete DVIRs in KellerMobile 70822
DVIR Ensure driver is in an on-duty status when performing a DVIR 69555
General Ensure compliance tablets prompt the user when an update is available 70018
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