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J. J. Keller Support Center

KellerMobile Android 2/6/2019 (Version .202/.204)


Area Description Reference ID
Connectivity Improve BT discovery process during login 68576
Connectivity USB connection option from mobile device (KellerMobile) to the ELD (Only available via JACS tablets upon initial release) Various
DVIR New DVIR workflow and customized templates available Various
ELD Creation Prevent creation of duplicate ELD ignition events 69563
ELD Events Prevent past unidentified events from repetitively uploading to Encompass 67332
ELD Hardware Prevent an error from occuring when setting the databus to J1939F 61825
Hours of Service Prevent false violation for 30 min rest break, when exempt from the requirement for a 30 min break 72093
Hours of Service Increased log submission timeout to 45 seconds 72639
System Updated the targeted Android version to 8.0 to comply with Google standards Various
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