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J. J. Keller Support Center

KellerMobile Android 10/9/2019 (Version .222)


Area Description Reference ID
Connectivity Addition of user "tips" to the "Perform ELD Discovery" screen 66070
General Adjustments so that KellerMobile can run in the background and only come to the forefront when driver interaction is needed.  This will ensure KellerMobile does not come to the forefront over other applications, such as mapping and navigation. 76836
Hours of Service Ensure logs with pending edits do not appear in drivers' list of logs to certify  79380
Hours of Service Ensure logs with edit requests were listed in descending date order 79281
Messaging Allow drivers to initiate message to Encompass user Various
Performance Data Remediate issue where bad fuel values were being reported to Encompass in some scenarios 79213
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