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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 9/7/2019


Area Description Reference ID
API Updated the Unassigned ELD Events API to ensure all events have TractorID and EOBRID populated 76264
CSA Removed links on the CSA tab that are no longer live 78795
Fuel Tax Updated the Kansas IFTA tax form 74312
General Defaulted the cursor to "landing" in the username field on the login page, to allow users to enter credentials and login without needing to use the mouse 77117
Hours of Service Made adjustments to ensure AOBRD logs aren't converted to ELD logs if edits are performed after transitioning to the ELD Mandate solution 77801
Hours of Service Allowed a user to reassign previously unassigned/rejected log events to the same driver 77977
Hours of Service Corrected intermittent issue where scanned logs were not making it to Encompass 78106
Hours of Service Added support for Geotab GO9 devices  78769
Messaging Deployed new feature that includes a Messaging icon in the mobile application, where Encompass users can message drivers directly.  View information about this feature here. Various
Video Events Updated the Video back office suite, to allow viewing video events per driver, with the ability to drill into a newly-created driver's video file.  Graphical trends and metrics are shown, as well as all trips and events, for each individual driver.  Various
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