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Encompass 8/27/2018


Area Description Reference ID
Editing Logs When editing an ELD event, allow the event to end at midnight 65160
Purging Logs Enhance the employee log purge function 64193
Roadside Inspection Show DOT number for the driver's location on the roadside inspection, instead of showing the company's DOT number 60653
Roadside Inspection Provide ELD Output File Status View on the Hours of Service tab under Common Views 64847
Team Drivers Properly handle the end time for team drivers on each other's log, so that the Employee Log Report doesn't fail 65445
Unidentified Events When claiming unassigned events, properly merge the event so that when the event ends, the status reflects what was on the log prior to assigning the event 63501
Unidentified Events Add a parameter screen for the AOBRD unassigned events view, to allow a user to pinpoint the events viewed 65498
Unidentified Events Properly handle assigning an unassigned event that spans multiple days, so that the system will add the respective events to the appropriate day 67077
Unidentified Events Ensure the grid image preview, when assigning an event, displays correctly 67449




Area Description Reference ID
Geofencing Export the Geofence Activity Report to Excel without report formatting 59567




Area Description Reference ID
Billing Ensure ELDs are only billed once each, despite having records in multiple locations 51732
Employees Add a header which includes employee personal information to all other driver files--Hours of Service, Driver Qualification, Training, etc. 45432
Employees Resolve issues with moving a driver from one company to another 64015
Employees Employee purge enhancements 64191
Units Unit purge enhancements 64192
Units Correct time out error when moving units between companies 65672



API (Integration)

Area Description Reference ID
ELD Logs Add the EventRecordOrigin field to the EmployeeLog/GetForDateRange API 66752
ELD Logs Add EventRecordStatus to EmployeeLog/GetUpdatesForDateRangeEld API 66621
ELD Logs Add EventRecordStatus to EmployeeLog/GetForDateRangeEld API 66622


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