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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 6/23/2019


Area Description Reference ID
API Provide API to allow all GPS records to be exported for IFTA reporting purposes 42794
Driver Qualification Allow the alert "Drivers with Individual MVR Reports Completed" to clear more than one driver at a time 75241
General Remedy issue that results in an error when purging employees and/or driver qualification information 73833
Geofencing Resolve landmark import issue, due to the name being greater than 30 characters and the "is yard" field being required 74008
Hours of Service Add indication as to what type of data diagnostic and malfunction has occurred, when viewing the ELD event detail 53628
Online Application Updates to the online application to require fields that are required by regulation, as well as changes to the format for an updated look and feel 75593
Scanned Logs Correct error processing duplicate scanned logs 75121
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