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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 6/20/2020


Area Description Reference ID
First Advantage Implement annual MVR batch ordering via FirstAdvantage 84395
First Advantage Implement MVR ordering via First Advantage during hiring process 84391
Hours of Service Generate alert for drivers that are currently Driving while Disconnected from the ELD 81699
Hours of Service Real Time Emails for Each Disconnected Driving Occurrence 83624
Hours of Service Error viewing unassigned ELD events 87125
IFTA Fix IFTA Audit Report, disposed units filter 86445
Mapping Change how we display landmarks to use GPS if GPS is given 86619
Mapping Add Export to Excel on the Mapping Breadcrumb Trail View Various
Reporting Employee Log Report Use Same Employee Selection as Output File 86914
Units Update unit file with current engine hours 70068
Vehicle Tracking Adjust Unit Geo-fence Activity report to account for VT device data 84808
Vehicle Tracking Adjust Unit Geo-fence Daily Activity report to account for VT device data 85795
Vehicle Tracking Unit Tracking - Unit GPS Tracking API 86137
Vehicle Tracking Display Odometer values for PRO plan devices on the Maps 86543
Vehicle Tracking Display the odometer column and values for a VT device that is on the PRO plan on the breadcrumb screen 86544
Vehicle Tracking Add to Activation/Edit screen Data Plan pull down 82902
Vehicle Tracking Adjust the two Fuel Tax Encompass APIs for VT device data 84810
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