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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 5/31/2019


Area Description Reference ID
CSA Populate the CSA tab in Encompass for customers that have entered DOT Number and PIN 67468
Login Enhancements to the look and feel of the Encompass login page 72665
API Added employee code to the EmployeeAccident API to allow those companies pulling accident data from Encompass, via API, to also receive the employee code for the employee code with the accident 74972
API Created an EOBR list API to allow companies using our APIs to pull a list of EOBRs/ELDs and what unit each is assigned to 75129
API Updated the GetHOS API to also allow the following data points to be pulled when querying Encompass for Available Hours--Unit Code, Trailer Name, Current Duty Status, Driver Time Zone 50456
Fuel Tax Remedy issue deleting trips 75202
Performance Data Corrected instances in which abnormal speeds were being reported under Company Statistics 56759



Area Description Reference ID
Reporting Updates to the Medical Exam Report 74987
Reporting Provide print option for Incomplete Driver Qualification File report to hide the employee code 75451



Area Description Reference ID
Reporting Provide a Cleared Unassigned Events report 73607
Reporting Remedy issues with the Compliance Notification report, when various print options were selected 75054
Hours Available Link the hours available view to mapping, for Premium Edition customers 74726
Unassigned Events Show start and end locations for unassigned events in the Unassigned ELD Events view 75476
General Allow adding range of logs for mandate solution 73730
General Correct issue with log detail not showing for logs using Florida ruleset 75203
Exempt from ELD Use Remedy issue with hours of service violations not being show for Exempt from ELD Use logs 75180
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