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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 4/7/2019


Area Description Reference ID
API/Integration Created new API for retrieving accidents from Encompass 72329
Expert Help Allow Encompass users to ask our Editorial staff questions and receive answers directly back to the Encompass home page Various
Fuel and Mileage Ensure the fuel and mileage import updates the "current hours" and hours date in the unit file 70824
General Create missing DOT# alert on the Driver Management home page 59095



Area Description Reference ID
Driver Qualification Updated the Driver Application form for online application process 70337
Driver Qualification Updated the PSP Consent form 70303
Driver Qualification Updated the Driver Application form 70301
Driver Qualification Updated the Request for Check of Driving Record form 70341
Driver Qualification Updated the Medical Exam Certificate form 70290
Driver Qualification Updated the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) 70302
Driver Qualification Updated the Drug Test Results form 70305
Driver Qualification Updated the Medical Exam Report form 70295



Area Description Reference ID
DVIR Ensure missing DVIR report includes all missing days for the date range identified 73421
DVIR Show Canadian required fields--license plate, odometer, city/state--on DVIR Detail Report 72801
DVIR Allow user to enable real-time email alerts when there is a DVIR with a critical defect 68333



Area Description Reference ID
Hours of Service Allow unassigned events to purged, if older than six months, regardless if the ELD has been assigned to a unit in Encompass 68597
Hours of Service Ensure the ELD Event value of "off duty wellsite" is displayed in the event listings 67322
Hours of Service Correct the Log Edits Pending alert count, so that it matches the actual Log Edits Pending view count 71634
Hours of Service Corrected an issue that prevented unassigned events from being inserted into the log, at times 72953
Hours of Service Display "rejected by driver" for the reason unassigned events that the driver rejects are sent back to Encompass 71637
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