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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 4/30/2019


Area Description Reference ID
API Add Company Level ID to the UnitMove API 41794
API Ensured vehicle number does not show null when using the API--GetLogsPerCompanyELD  72315
Imports Corrected issue where employee/unit import fails when the company name is more than 30 characters 68458
Quick Hits Allow quick hits to be configured specifically for each user, to allow for a customized experience, instead of being configured for the entire real company 73733



Area Description Reference ID
 Reports Provide print option to allow for hiding the employee code on the Expiration Report 74720



Area Description Reference ID
Alerts Send real-time alert, via email, when there is a critical (OOS) defect 68333
Templates If a template is deleted, the unit types associated with that template should be re-associated to the default template 74757



Area Description Reference ID
Output File Ensure the ELD Output File view shows the email content instead of the email security header 73738
Unassigned Events Corrected an issue where an error was shown when assigning unassigned events--"Change not allowed.  Performing this edit would result in shortening automatically generated driving time."  If there is not drive time that would be impact, the assignment will be allowed. 73832
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