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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 4/19/2020


Area Description Reference ID
Applicants Update all Applicant Views to include the Applicant ID 83386
Applicants Fix Purge Tool for Applicants where DIHF record is involved 76790
Fuel Tax Update Oregon Tax Rates for Encompass 84279
Fuel Tax Update Fuel Tax (IFTA) Rates Tax Rates for Q12020 85196
General Odometer calibration date updating to be an old date 84292
General Current Malfunctions/Data Diagnostics View 83265
Hours of Service Support for unclaiming Unidentified Events Various
Hours of Service Create a View to Show all Unassigned Events 80889
Hours of Service Add Timesheet option to Employee Rule for Encompass DVIR app 80389
Hours of Service Display log certification date if certified on a date later then log date 82492
Hours of Service Addressed error sorting unassigned ELD Events Results page 83746
Hours of Service Reporting to Encompass from Mobile when driver's hours are at 0 Various
Mapping Fixed map position and zoom level for the user 84973
Vehicle Tracking Activate hardware and assign to Unit 81514
Vehicle Tracking Unit Asset Tracking List and Assignment Screen 81380
Vehicle Tracking Import from a spreadsheet all customer's Asset Tracking Go devices 81518
Vehicle Tracking Create new legend and device categories on mapping screen 81519
Vehicle Tracking Create new Bread Crumb screen for Vehicle Assets 82195
Vehicle Tracking Populate the map with Vehicle Tracking positions 84469
Vehicle Tracking Add Mapping Layers and Legend Changes  84969
Vehicle Tracking Change Map icon for the unit to use same SVG files and colors in Legend 85265
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