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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 12/16/2018


Area Description Reference ID
Employee Performance Resolved timeout when loading list of employees with idle time 68381
Employees Include email address in the columns available in the "Customize View" for employees 42267
Logos Prevent images over 300x300 pixels from being uploaded for the company logo 70419
System Appearance New master home page with quick hits 67464
System Appearance Updated system header and style





Area Description Reference ID
Audit Ensure violation is not incorrectly applied after a 34-hr restart 64960
Roadside Inspection Updated ELD Authentication value to comply with certificate surety standards 67087
Roadside Inspection Ensure the ELD Output file only includes logs for current plus previous seven days 67766
Roadside Inspection Display unidentified events in the driver's home terminal time and not in UTC 67776
Roadside Inspection Ensure there aren't exceptions when creating the output file, due to team drivers being terminated and ELDs not being assigned to a unit 69744
Unidentified Events Consistently populate the EncompassOriginatorUserID of the user performing the assignment of the event 67835



Area Description Reference ID
Vehicle Performance Added miles to the Vehicle Performance Annual Summary Report 33263



Area Description Reference ID
Maintenance Update Unit Cost Usage with fuel and odometer updates 67648
Maintenance Resolved time out when opening a unit within Unit Maintenance 67729
Fuel Tax Reporting flags, such as "Is IFTA Reportable", need to be included when reports are ran 67651


API (Integration)

Area Description Reference ID
Company List Add the mandate toggle and mandate toggle change date with timezone to the Company/GetCompanyList API 67377
Log APIs Adjusted GetLogsPerCompany and GetLogsPerCompanyELD to pull all events 67906




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