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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 12/14/2019


Area Description Reference ID
Drug and Alcohol Added the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Limited Consent form to the DQ Forms area of Encompass 79919
General Adjusted the attachment delivered when a driver "Requests Logs" from Encompass® ELD, so that the pdf is not encrypted and unable to be opened 81340
Hours of Service Added a new Log Edits view to the Hours of Service portal.  This view will continue to be enhanced over the next quarter. 60054
Hours of Service Adjusted the ELD Output File parameter screen, so that the driver names do not load until parameters are selected and the user selects "Apply" 81845
Mapping Remedied issue with speedometer and tachometer not showing for heavy duty vehicles in the breadcrumb trail map listing 81684
Messaging Corrected error sending messages to drivers with apostrophes in their names 80575
Online Application Additional updates to the online application to pre-populate the application date and provide a welcome message to applicants 81421
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