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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 11/14/2020


Area Description Reference ID
API  Add duration, UnitCode and VIN to DVIR list API results 83889
API  Create an Employee Accident Save API 88282
API Add the VIN field to the get Unit List API 88586
API Add the 10 custom fields to the Unit Info API 89049
Applicant Update welcome prompt 88905
Applicant Adjust Year picker for DoB drop-down to populate more than 20 years at a time 89118
DVIR Pre/Post-Trip DVIR alert for units reporting defects alerting user to DVIRs already resolved 75824
Hours of Service Update AK (Alaska) rule set to new rules (09/2020) 88516
Hours of Service Update US Construction rule sets to new rules (09/2020) 88518
Hours of Service Encompass admin assigning drive time over midnight results in out of order midnight status on day 1 along with inaccurate duty status durations 87479
Hours of Service Add a checkbox, toggle to Include Pre/Post Trip DVIRs in Audit Engine similar to the No Miles violation 88923
Hours of Service Filter out malfunction/data diag events from the UE section of the output file 89255
Hours of Service Customer not able to view Log; getting error when attempting to view (Investigate and fix null event record origin) 75744
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