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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 10/7/2019


Area Description Reference ID
API Updates to the "DVIR Save" API so that only the minimally required fields have to be populated 79479
Hardware Add the calibration date and firmware version to the ELD Device list view 77302
Hours of Service Allow a rejected unassigned event to be reassigned to the same driver 77977
Messaging Provide the "read" date/time to indicate when a driver opened a message sent from Encompass 78314
Messaging Update the system to file messages older than 14 days in the "Deleted Folder" 79088
Messaging Purge messages that are in the "Deleted Folder" for more than 180 days 79087
Messaging Allow an Encompass user to print a message thread 76301
Messaging Alphabetize the recipients list when selecting drivers to receive a mobile messages 79527
Online Application Updates to the online application to include social security number format verification, clarification to footnotes, ability for driver to indicate no prior driving experience, and ensuring the Safety Performance History report only populates for positions with previous employers indicated as subject to the FMCSRs 79487
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