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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 1/30/2020


Area Description Reference ID
Applicants Enhanced the online application to provide descriptions of the regulations referenced in the previous employer section 81949
Applicants Introduced a new Applicant ID, which can be carried forward to become the Employee Code, if desired, to have a consistent identifier throughout the employment life cycle, which is especially important for integrations with other systems 81425
Drug and Alcohol Added the Clearinghouse Consent form to the online application forms available for electronic signature 82039
General Changed reference for the Province of Quebec from PQ to QC 82397
Hours of Service Modified the Hours of Service Available view to provide insights into driver's qualification status and whether there are defects for the unit being operated 81423
Hours of Service Corrected intermittent issue with extra duty status being created at midnight for exempt from ELD logs 76008
Hours of Service Remedied issue with pending log edits not showing in Encompass, when assigned to a driver in a different location than the one uploaded from 81166
Hours of Service Addressed log summary totals reflecting inaccurate totals on some logs 75709
Hours of Service Corrected issue with log alert counts and views showing different totals 78566
Mapping Remedied issue with map not loading due to bad values 82354
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