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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass 1/22/2019


Area Description Reference ID
Billing Clear Button for company group payment page 72161
Forms Update the Employment Application (both online and paper format) to bring current and populate electronic signature and custom fields (when applicable) 70337
Forms Update the Request for Check of Driving Records form 70341
Geofence Remedy issue with the geofence processor, that is causing no data to be generated on the geofence reports 71256
Log Events Prevent unassigned log events from being created through midnight, in error 71639
Log Events Allow viewing of the Unassigned ELD Events from the top of a multi-level company setup 71151
Navigation Allow user to setup customized quick hits on the new home page Various
User Roles When upgrading from a non-mobile account to one in which KellerMobile is used, add KellerMobile access to admin users 46269




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