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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass® ELD Android 2/24/2020 (Version .230)


Area Description Reference ID
DVIR Resolved occasional app crash when attempting to add a DVIR 80446
Firmware Add Background Firmware Updates for Tethered devices 81464
Fuel Purchase Added entry for City when entering fuel receipts 73975
Fuel Purchase Updated location values for Quebec and Newfoundland 83338
General Made improvements to the claiming Unidentified Driving Events process 82186
General Addressed app crash when viewing available hours in the Check Hours without a network connection 81101
General Addressed app crash when attempting to use split screen 81261
General When logging into the app and not connected to an ELD, provided option to populate location information based on the mobile device's location 81304
General Added "I am not driving" prompt for team drivers when device is not connected to an ELD and movement is detected 82122
General Resolved issue where clocks were not dismissing when driving had ended 82353
Hours of Service Updates to Exempt Log functionality Various
Hours of Service Addressed situation where users are not being prompted about Personal Conveyance when the vehicle does not move and an ignition cycle is performed 82771
Roadside Inspection Added a "Help" screen to the Roadside Inspection screens 83333
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