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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass® ELD Android 11/30/2020 (Version .252)


Area Description Reference ID
General Take user out of a driving status when app closes and user is currently driving 13747
General Prompt user with HOS alerts until user acknowledges them 16184
General Resolved ELD Device Failure red icon when switching ELD after FW upgrade starts 19135
General Resolved Device failure and App crash when updating FW during initial configuration 21455
General Resolved app responsive issues when put into background with Action prompts on screen 24543
Hours of Service Resolved unassigned driving event claimed from previous day caused driving until midnight 21448
Hours of Service Drive time not recorded accurately if logging out with a future time and then logging back in before the future time has occurred 21449
Hours of Service Automatic Driving event is not being recorded when last event is a manually created driving event from Encompass 21799
Hours of Service Do not convert edited driving events to Manual Driving events 23125
Hours of Service Do not allow users to edit location for an event when a valid Geolocation was recorded 23127
Inspections Unassigned DVIRs being submitted for units that exist in Encompass 21446
Inspections Resolved Error Submitting DVIR's when device language not set to English 21454
Location Resolve Location Service lingering gathering issues 16688
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