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FAQ - I just got an invoice. Can you explain?


I just got an invoice. Can you explain?


A monthly invoice is generated for the Encompass® system and then sent to our billing system using the billing information you have provided. It takes into consideration your J. J. Keller Account number, address, credit card (if applicable), and contact information.  


When the bill runs, a snapshot of your records is taken and a pricing set is applied based on the type of product configuration you have and any additional negotiations. When signing up for the system, a pricing schedule will have been shared with you (either via the Online Signup process or directly from a representative). 


The system takes into consideration each Material Code (line item) it can apply and the unit price of each material code by the count of records in the system.  From there, it's simple math -- i.e., [Count of Records] multiplied by [Unit Price] = [Total Line Item]


The invoice is generated out of our billing system and sent to you with your account number, line items/totals, billing address (we have on file), and other information. 


Here is an example of how an invoice will look:

  1. Bill To: It starts with the location information you've entered into Encompass and then aligns with the same type of information in our billing system. 
  2. Ship To:. This tends to be the same as the Bill To address unless you've been specific with your account representative on having a different Shipping Address than the Bill To address.  
  3. Material Codes: These are also called "Product Codes." Each code aligns with a specific service type -- i.e., Active Driver counts.
  4. Description: This is the verbal description of what the Material Code represents.
  5. Quantity, Unit Price and Line Item Total:  This is a calculation:  Quantity * UnitPrice = Total Line Item
  6. Amount Due: This is the total of all the line items.


If you note something is wrong or off with the billing information we show (i.e., it's the wrong account number, the invoice is going to the wrong location), please contact us to resolve. You can either call your Sales Representative or Customer Support to discuss.


Situations where you may feel the invoice is in error?

  1. You're being implemented and weren't expecting the bill for months.  Contact your implementation specialist to discuss. 
  2. You're supposed to be canceled but just got a bill. Although it may seem unfair, if you've canceled at the beginning of the month, you may get a last bill. This is a legitimate circumstance. However, if it's been over a month and you get another bill, contact us to resolve.
  3. You thought for sure you had a Credit Card in our system but seem to be getting charged a high minimum anyway. Check that your Credit Card has not expired in Encompass. If you're not sure where to find the Credit Card area, see this article.


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