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Billing - Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with our billing process, different articles have been collected for you (here) to help you navigate the different content:


Billing FAQs


FAQ - How Are ELDs Billed?

When you signed up for the account, there was a Price Schedule and notes regarding ELD billing...


FAQ - I just got an invoice. Can you Explain?

monthly invoice is generated for the Encompass® system and then sent to our billing system using the billing information you have provided. It takes into consideration your J. J. Keller Account number, address, credit card (if applicable), and contact information...


FAQ - I'm getting billed for ELDs when I haven't loaded any yet. Why?

When you sign up for an account that includes ELDs, there is a shipment schedule that comes with the configuration. We take a count of the ELDs you are expecting to use...


FAQ - What are Product Codes and how do they relate to the bill?

A Product Code (also known as "Material Code") is the way the billing system divides up the different service charges you will find on your bill.  


FAQ - What Types of Minimum Fees are there?

J.J. Keller does offer different minimum fee options, depending on your account type and count of records...


FAQ - Why am I getting a minimum charge of $75?

When signing up for the system, you (or your site administrator) will have negotiated an approach to minimum billing... 

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