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ELD Install and Device Setup - Index to Articles

Here you will find articles on the quickest way to get your ELog up and running.  The J. J. Keller ELog system consists of 3 required parts: the J. J Keller ELD, the KellerMobile application on your smart device and the Encompass back office.


ELD Install and Device Set Up - Step 1: Download KellerMobile App

Installing the KellerMobile app on your device is the first step to getting ready to ELog. These instructions are for Android and iOS device users. 


eld install and device set up - step 2: eld install

The second step to getting ready to ELog is to install the actual ELD into your vehicle. 


eld install and device set up - step 3: configure the ELD 

This step will make sure that your ELD talks to the KellerMobile app. Make sure that you turn on your truck. 


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