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Vehicles - About the Vehicle Management Tab

About the Vehicle Management Tab

The Vehicle Management tab is the main portal governing Vehicle (or Unit) records.  It will be configured differently depending on which product package you've signed up for.  


For E-Log customers, you will see 4 sub-tabs under Vehicle Management:

  1. Home:  This tab displays all your alerts, statistics and any messages from J. J. Keller.  It can be customized. 
  2. Units:  This tab aides in entering vehicle information, seeing lists of vehicles and managing vehicle status.
  3. Unit Maintenance: This tab helps you manage Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), whether entered manually or imported via KellerMobile.  Although the tab name suggests you can track repairs, E-Log is not configured for this. 
  4. Reports & Forms: This tab contains all reports and any company forms you might use to help manage vehicles and DVIRs.


For E-Log customers with Fuel Tax, there will be an additional tab:

  1. Fuel Tax:  This tab helps you see and manage trip information coming in from KellerMobile.  You can also enter trips manually.


For Encompass® customers (with Compliance or Premium), you will see additional tabs:

  1. Unit Service
  2. Title, License & Registration
  3. Permitting


As the tab names imply, you will be able to track anything from Unit Service file to IRP (Permitting) with these additional tabs.  It should be mentioned that the Unit Maintenance tab will allow for tracking of Repairs and Preventative Maintenance as well.


About the Units Tab

This area allows you to enter basic vehicle information. Vehicle information includes vehicle number, description, type, model, owner information, location, and a whole host of other information.  You must add the vehicle record first before adding anything else like DVIR files.


A note about Vehicles vs. Units: The system uses the term "Units" but you can consider it synonymous with "Vehicles."  The term "Vehicles" implies a "powered unit," but the system can track equipment as well as trailers for you, too.

Steps to Find the Units Tab

  1. Be logged in
  2. Click on Vehicle Management
  3. Find the Units tab

Areas of the Units Tab


  1. Search Field: Search by VIN or Vehicle/Unit code.  You can enter partial values; the system will return whatever contains the value you entered.
  2. Add a Unit: Click to add a new vehicle/unit record.
  3. Common Views: Use this to see your listing of vehicle records.  Views can easily be copied and pasted into Excel for further analysis.
  4. My Custom Views: This is used to store views you've filtered and saved for frequent use.
  5. Alerts/Reports: These links are filtered by "Units" for you.   (Note:  The Reports & Forms tab has all the reports and forms available but it is not filtered.)
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