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HOS - View KellerMobile™ Hours Available

On the Hours of Service tab, there is a common view you can use to view a driver's hours.  This is updated once an hour from the mobile application to the system when the driver is logged into and using the mobile application.  It can be used to assess a driver's location and dispatch as well as hours left in a day or week. 


Locate the KellerMobile™ Hours Available View

  1. From  the Driver Management | Hours of Service Tab, locate Common View "Keller Mobile Driver Hours Available"
  2. Click on the list view link
  3. You see a listing with several columns:
    • Employee Name
    • Employee Code 
    • Company Level (Location)
    • Driving Hours Available - This starts ticking down the minute connectivity to the driver (by logging in and connecting to the ELD) is established.
    • Daily On Duty Hours Available
    • Weekly On Duty Hours Available
    • Hours Available, Break-Max Hours Available
    • Last reported - This time stamp updates once an hour once the driver has logged in and is connected to the ELD.
  4. You can print and/or customize this listing
  5. If you click on the Driver Name, you will be redirected into the Driver's Log records view so you can see all the latest logs and hours. 


If a driver isn't showing up on this list, but  you KNOW the driver is on the road, you'll want to contact that driver to see if s/he has logged in AND connected to the ELD. 


NOTE:  You must be configured with ELDs to be able to see this link and view. 

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