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HOS - About the HOS Tab

About the Hours of Service (HOS) Tab

Like the Employee Tab, this tab comes with a set of common features (shown below). Each tab is thematic, though, and filters by the type of content the tab represents.  In this instance, this tab helps you manage Hours of Service.


The Areas of the HOS Tab

  1. Search Field: Search by name or employee code.  You can enter partial values; the system will return whatever contains the value you entered.
  2. Common Tasks:
    • Add an Employee: Click to add a new employee/driver record.
    • Hours of Service Audit:  Use this to run an Hours of Service audit on all drivers or a partial listing. 
    • Falsification Audit: If you are inputting supporting documentation, this audit will help detect where a driver has falsified information by comparing the documentation entry  with the log entry.  Use this to audit all drivers or a partial listing.
  3. Common Views: Use this to see your listing of driver records.  Views can easily be copied and pasted into Excel for further analysis.
  4. Custom Views: This is used to store views you've filtered and saved for frequent use.
  5. Rolodex: This is a listing of Active Drivers by the last name starting with...
  6. Alerts/Reports: These links are filtered by "Hours of Service" for you.
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