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Other Setup - Add/Change Credit Card Information

About Credit Card Information

Chances are high that when you were signing up for the system, you were required to enter your credit card Information.  Of course, over time, your credit card information will expire.  If your information expires, you may notice your bill going up (see the section on Minimum Monthly Charge below).  Of course, it's best if you can remember to update it before it expires, but stuff happens.  You might forget.  


Note:  Only those with the Admin or Default role(s) can enter this information.


Steps to Update Credit Card

  1. Start from anywhere in the system
  2. Go to Setup
  3. Locate and click on "Credit Card Information" (under "Maintain Company Info")
  4. Click "Edit"
  5. Fill in Credit Information
    • Indicate Credit Card type (if not already indicated)
    • Enter the Credit Card Number (if it's blank or has changed)
    • Enter Expiration Date (MM/YYYY)
    • Enter Card Holder Name (if changed or blank)
  6. SAVE
  7. View Success Message


If You Get the Minimum Monthly Charge

For those expecting the minimum monthly charge of $20.00 (when your total bill is less than that), you're actually REQUIRED to have the credit card in the system.  If you've missed that step, you might notice your bill is higher.  Why?  In order to get the lower monthly minimum charge, your credit card must be in the system; we check for this when we bill.  If it's missing, you will get a minimum $75.00 charge if your total bill is less than $75.00.  Otherwise, we charge you a minimum of $20.00 (if the total is below $20.00) or the actual amount of the bill (i.e., $45.00).  But we can only do this if your credit card is in the system.  


If you don't have the Credit Card in the system, it's best if you put one in if your bill will be less than $75.00.

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