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ELD Solution, Alerts - Other Alerts to be Aware of

There are some important Alerts you'll want to track and keep on top of.  We have included independent articles for the following:

But there are a whole host of other alerts you will want to be aware of listed below. 


Alerts - Driver Management

  1. Drivers With Missing Logs In Last 45 Days - This alert shows as long as you have one driver with even one missing log in the past 45 days.
  2. Drivers With Critical Violations In Last 45 Days - This alert works if you've flagged certain violations as critical.
  3. Drivers With Falsifications In Last 45 Days - This alert shows if you've been entering Supporting Documents to logs and the driver has provided documentation that contradicts the log entry.       
  4. Drivers With Logs - As logs come into the system (either entered or via KellerMobile), this alert will populate with driver names.
  5. Drivers With Personal Conveyance In Last 45 Days - This alert only works if you've enabled Personal Conveyance for your drivers and are the driver is using it.     
  6. Drivers With Duplicate Scanned Logs - This alert only works if you're using the Scanned Log option.  Scanned Log is an additional feature set J. J. Keller provides.  It comes with additional costs and software.  If you're interested, you'll want to contact your Sales Representative and discuss.      
  7. Pending Log Edits - This alert allows you and your driver to review any log edits you're making to his/her mobile log.  When you make a change, the driver reviews the changes on KellerMobile and either accepts or rejects the edit.
  8. Rejected Log Edits - Like Pending Log Edits, this only works if you and your driver are editing and reviewing KellerMobile™ logs.  The driver can reject a change you've made.  If this is the case, the rejection will show up in this alert.


Alerts - Vehicle Management

  1. Units with Post-Trip DVIRs Reporting Defects - This alert works if you, your users, or your drivers have been tracking DVIRs in the system or KellerMobile and there's a defect for a Post-Trip DVIR.      
  2. Units Being Operated with Known Defects - This alert pops up if you've had a report of a DVIR with a defect that has not been certified as repaired.  
  3. Units with Pre-Trip DVIRs Reporting Defects - This alert works if you, your users, or your drivers have been tracking DVIRs in the system or KellerMobile and there's a defect for a Pre-Trip DVIR.  
  4. Units with Missing DVIRs in the Last 90 Days - This alert will be on your Vehicle Management Home page until each unit has a Post-Trip DVIR entered for the past 90 days. When first starting out, this alert may seem annoying. But over time -- if you manage DVIRs -- the alert will help you to assess who hasn't been entering DVIRs.
  5. Unassigned DVIRs-Towed Units - This alert shows up if your driver has failed to associate a Trailer DVIR with the correct Trailer record in the Encompass® system.  This alert helps you align the DVIR record with the correct Trailer.


Remember that Alerts don't show unless they contain information.  Otherwise, they will be hidden.

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