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AOBRD Solution, Users - Create Encompass® Users

These steps will walk you through adding an Encompass® user (not a KellerMobile™ user) to the system.


Add a New User

  1. Start from the Driver Management | Home Tab
  2. Go to "Setup" and select "Users" (under Maintain Users)
  3. Click "Add New User" button
  4. Enter Info -- i.e.First Name, Last Name, User Name (which must be an email address), and password information.
  5. Save OR Save & Edit Security Roles
  6. View Success Message (if you've clicked Save)


About Passwords:

  • All fields are required.
  • Your password must be at least 6 characters in length.
  • Any combination of letters, numbers and special characters can be used.


  • You can make your password very simple but as you are no doubt aware, simple passwords can be easily hacked. It’s also best if you’re not repeating yourself with the same password in multiple systems.
  • With this in mind, we recommend using at least 1 capital letter and 1 special character (i.e., !, @, #, $, %, -, _, &).


Edit The Roles

Method 1: From Save & Edit

This starts with the assumption you've selected "Save & Edit Security Roles" when adding a new user.

  1. You will be on the "Edit Roles..." screen 
    • There are a lot of Roles you can assign a user (these are listed below)
  2. Select the Roles by using the checkboxes to the left
  3. When you're finished selecting, SAVE
  4. View Success Message


Method 2:  Coming at it After the User's Been Added

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Select "Users" (under Maintain Users)
  3. Locate the user name on the listing
  4. Click "Edit Role"
  5. Select roles
  6. SAVE
  7. View Success Message


Roles for Users (E-Log Product)

  • Administrator

  • Company Setup

  • Default

  • DVIR (Purge)

  • DVIR (View Only)

  • DVIR (View+Edit)

  • Employee (Select Company)

  • Employees (Purge)

  • Employees (View Only)

  • Employees (View+Edit)

  • Employees Attachments (View Only)

  • Employees Attachments (View+Edit)

  • KellerMobile™ (Admin)

  • Log Files (Purge)

  • Log Files (View Only)

  • Log Files (View+Edit)

  • Log Files (View+Edit+Scan)

  • Log Files Attachments (View + Edit)

  • Log Files Attachments (View Only)

  • Purge Attachments

  • Unit Files (Purge)

  • Unit Files (Select Company)

  • Unit Files (View Only)

  • Unit Files (View+Edit)

  • Unit Maintenance Files (View Only)

  • User Maintenance

There are many more roles if you've got Encompass®, Encompass® Compliance or Encompass® Premium.  They are not shown here.


About the Admin Roles

There are some roles (in bold above) we recommend you NOT give users unless you really intend for them to be doing "administrative" tasks:

  • Administrator
  • Company Setup
  • Default
  • Purge (Anything) -- i.e., Employees (Purge), Log Files (Purge), etc.
  • KellerMobile™ Admin - Grant if you expect the user to help with unassigned log events, assigning ELDs to vehicles, managing the KellerMobile™ Device listing, the ELD Device listing, and KellerMobile™ default settings.
  • User Maintenance


Why limit these roles?  The above roles play crucial roles in the way your system is setup and behaves.  We've found too many admins spoil the data (so to speak).  We recommend you keep your administrator numbers down to minimum and coordinate as a team.  


RE:  Purge

A purge in our system is a true DELETE of data.  Even though some links may read "del" and NOT purge records, a link that reads "purge" in it means a true delete.  There's no getting your data back (no roll back, no undo) if you purge data.  There are several steps to purging data so it won't be a surprise purge.  But we've had many customers call in the past realizing they've made an error hoping to get their data restored.  Can we do that for you?  Maybe.  It will depend on how soon you realize the mistake, what area (or areas) were purged, how many records are involved, and how MUCH money it might cost to restore.  Some customers decide it's better to manually re-enter.  So we recommend you keep the Administrator, User maintenance, and any Purge roles to a minimum.  


A PURGE is a permanent deletion.  There's no roll-back, undo, or "restore from purge."  If you purge data and/or attachments, the records are gone!  Be very careful with purge.

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