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Setup Advisor (AOBRD) - Step 01: Verify ELDs and Harnesses

Before using the Setup Advisor to set up the system, you will want to verify you have the right equipment and components. J. J. Keller has 2 electronic logging devices. Each device is capable of operating as an AOBRD or ELD.  However, each style uses a different adapter assembly to connect to the hardware itself. 

About Your Harnesses

Check to make sure you have the right harnesses to fit your units’ diagnostic ports AND to fit the electronic logging devices. Verify you have the right number of ELDs and harnesses for installation. 


Gen 2.0 ELD

Gen 2.5 ELD


If you do, you've just finished this step.

Additional Materials

  • Driver RoadMap: This booklet is included in the original ELD package and contains important information on common tasks and troubleshooting. 
  • Gen 2.0 Quick Start Guide: This booklet is included in the original ELD package and contains important information on ELD installation and configuration. 
  • J1939F Bus Type Harness Guide: This reference sheet includes instructions on this unique Y connector. 
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