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Setup Advisor (AOBRD) - Step 08: Conduct Training

The success of your ELog implementation depends on how well you have prepared your drivers and office staff for the changes that accompany ELogs. Below are some tips for ELog training and rollout.


Driver training should include how to:

  • Log in, log out, change duty statuses, enter load information, certify completed records of duty status daily, and find and display available hours and the prior seven days
  • Set up the device for a roadside inspection and present all of the required information during the inspection 
  • Edit and annotate Hours of Service records as well as process unassigned driving hours
  • Follow proper procedures when an ELD fails
  • Define harassment and coercion, and properly file a complaint
  • Submit supporting documents
  • Claim unassigned drive time



Dispatchers and supervisors should be trained on:

  • Hours of Service compliance as it relates to the ELD system
  • How and when to make corrections to ELD records in Encompass
  • How to locate a driver’s available hours in Encompass
  • How to use Encompass reporting to assign work to drivers
  • Dealing with unassigned miles — how to determine who the miles should belong to and reassign them
  • What constitutes harassment or coercion of drivers along with the consequences for harassment and coercion


Calibrating Odometers

Once a month drivers are prompted to calibrate odometers. If this is not done the mileage can be off on trip reports. To calibrate an odometer the driver will:

  • Click on Menu > System Menu > Diagnostics > Odometer Calibration
  • This will allow the driver to enter actual dashboard odometer readings
  • The engine odometer and dashboard can drift apart a bit, and calibrating the odometer removes the gap so fuel tax trip reports are accurate to the dash odometer
  • The monitoring of odometer calibrations is primarily done from the Device List screen
  • Simply click on the serial number of the ELD you would like to view



J. J. Keller offers free training videos at


Interactive Training

J. J. Keller offers FREE INTERACTIVE ONLINE DRIVER TRAINING. Create an account and sign up drivers:

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