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Viewing Video Events in Encompass

Click on the Video Performance tab within Performance Management.



A new page will be displayed taking the user to the Video Performance Dashboard which provides a Dashboard Overview.



The Top Employees will be displayed at the bottom.  Click on their name here, or find all of your employees by clicking Employees on the left in the blue sidebar or View All Employees at the bottom of the page.


Scroll down to the section called Events.


The video events from the past 7 days will then be shown by default. Click on the Arrow to the left of the date to view the events for that trip.


Note: A trip is considered a full session in Encompass® ELD. Login to Encompass® ELD = Trip Start, Logout of Encompass® ELD = Trip End.  This means there could be multiple trips for a single day.


To view any of the events, click the Play button next to the event.



A small window will display with the video of the incident.





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