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Video Event Remediation


Encompass® Video allows for remediation of events that drivers are triggering by their potentially unsafe behavior.  Before this can be done, however, coaches will need to be setup.  Once coaches have been setup, the remediation can take place on the event. 


Adding Coaches

Go to Performance Management. Select Setup from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner.




Scroll down to the bottom and select Maintain Coaches in the Encompass Video Settings box.



Click Add New.




Enter a name for the coach. Ensure that Show in List? is selected and click OK.



Remediate Events

The option to remediate events is available regardless of how the event is viewed, either from the Drivers tab or the Coaching tab on the left hand side. In this example, we've selected Coaching



The user will be directed to a list of their drivers that have video events that require coaching.  Click the arrow next to the driver's name to expand their list of events.  Click Remediate to bring up the coaching screen.




Enter how the event was Remediated

What do you want to do? - this provides three options: Coach, False Event, or Clear Event

Date of Coaching

Reviewed By - This drop down will provide the list of coaches that were entered in the system.

Coach's Comments

Driver's Comments





Once saved, the event is no longer listed in the Coaching area requiring remediation.  When viewing the events for the driver, however, the Status will be listed as Coached or Cleared dependent on which action was selected. False Events are remain in the system but the status is displayed as False Event.


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