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Mobile Application

Note: Any screen shots below are from the development environment and may be adjusted in production.

Getting Started with Video Management

When logging into KellerMobile with Video Management enabled, the driver will experience the normal process of connecting to their ELD and then entering their trip information.  Once they press OK ok the trip information screen, they will be redirected to the Video Management application:



The user will likely be prompted for a series of application permissions:

  • Allow app to access this device's location?
  • Allow app to make and manage phone calls?
  • Allow app to access photos, media, and files on your device?

These all must to be allowed in order for the application to work correctly.  This allows the video management application to properly route the trip, send the data to the back office system (Encompass), and store the data on the device before sending it to the back office system (Encompass).

clipboard_e694c6871dfd0be7463e9a55accc09340.png         clipboard_ea958d11693e69d1f1b3e0f9fc4a71c7d.png          clipboard_ebac4f10e7b7f9141dd326fc0412cfee3.png


Additionally, the user may be prompted to turn off battery optimization if it is currently enabled on the phone/tablet.  This will need to be disabled in order for the application to function correctly. Tap Yes to proceed.



If the driver has not connected to an ELD yet, they will be prompted to select the unit they are in.



Once connected, the application will detect if the camera needs to be calibrated. If so, this message will be displayed.



The user will be taken to a screen where the application will search for the camera on the vehicle.

The connection between the camera and the mobile device is a WiFi direct connection, which differs slightly from how the ELD connects to the mobile device.  This simply means that the driver does not need to put the camera into pairing mode and discover the device like they do with the ELD. The camera will be broadcasting this WiFi direct signal and the mobile device will connect to it on it's own.  Once the connection is established between the mobile device and the camera, no other mobile devices can connect to it.




Once the application thinks it found the appropriate camera, it will display a live shot of what the camera is detecting, along with the serial number of the camera below the live feed.

Note: This is the ONLY time the application will display any kind of video to the mobile user.


If the correct camera was detected, tap Save at the bottom.  If this is NOT the correct camera, tap in the Camera Number box, delete the information, and manually enter in the serial number for the correct camera.  Once it detects that correct camera, tap Save.



Once connected to the camera, the following screen will show the Camera Connection status as a green dot if it is connected.  If it is disconnected, this will display a red dot.  Once this dot shows green, the camera is operation and nothing further needs to be done within the video management application.  The driver can tap on Go to Keller Mobile to go back to KellerMobile and resume their normal logging responsibilities.

Note: The driver does not need to come back to the video management application to end their trip and send any necessary video events.  This is automatically done when the driver logs out and submits their logs at the end of their shift.




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