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Viewing Video Events in Encompass

Click on the Video Performance tab within Performance Management.



A new page will be displayed taking the user to the Video Performance Dashboard which provides a Fleet Overview.



To view the individual video events, click on Trips in the blue menu bar towards the upper left hand corner of the page.



The video events from the past 30 days will then be shown by default. Click on the Start Date/Time of a trip.

Note: A trip is considered a full session in KellerMobile. Login to KellerMobile = Trip Start, Logout of KellerMobile = Trip End.  This means there could be multiple trips for a single day.



A map will then be displayed to show the entire path of the trip.  Any events that were triggered based on the thresholds established in the Setup will be shown on the map depicted by blue indicators. The red indicator symbolizes the end of the trip. Click on the blue indicator to view the event.



A small window will display with the video of the incident.





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