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Encompass Setup

Ensure appropriate User Roles

For any Encompass user that should be able to view these event videos, the role will need to be enabled for them by an Administrator.


Go to Setup in the menu in the upper right hand corner.



Click on Users in the Maintain Users box.



Click Edit Role next to the user's name.



Scroll down to the bottom of this list and check the box for Video

Note: Ensure the appropriate company level is set at the top for Select Login Company if the Encompass account is setup with multiple company levels.

Click Save to store the new role.



The next time the user logs in, they will have a new tab shown in the Performance Management area called Video Management.




Video Threshold Settings

Go to Setup in the menu in the upper right hand corner.



Scroll down to the bottom and within the Encompass Video Settings box, click on Video Threshold Settings.



These thresholds determine when a video event is sent to Encompass. These can be specified per weight class of vehicle, and then assigned to specific unit types in the following section.

Note: only one threshold type setting can be applied to any given vehicle type.

Once the threshold settings have been established for the selected type, use the checkboxes in the second section next to the Unit Types to assign the thresholds to those unit types.  

Click Save at the bottom to store the threshold settings.






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