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Encompass® Video Event Management

Encompass® Video Event Management


Using a front-facing, dash-mounted camera and comprehensive back-office dashboard, the solution provides video evidence of driver behavior that could pose risks to your operation's safety record and financial viability, including:

  • Hard Acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Lane Drifting
  • Following Too Close
  • Cornering
  • Hard Braking
  • Rolling Stops



This technology will allow:

  • the monitoring of driver activity and trends
  • the ability to view exact locations of events or accidents
  • the ability to watch video footage tied directly to each event



Guide2.pngClick here to view the Dash Cam Pro Quick Start Guide. If printed, print on both sides and fold.




  • Only available on Android; not available at this time for iPhone®/iPad®.
  • Front-facing (street facing) camera only at this time; anticipate an in-cab facing camera to become available in the future.
  • WiFi Direct connection between camera and tablet (not bluetooth).
  • Camera contains an accelerometer to determine speed.
  • Hardwired power so it cannot get unplugged as constant power is necessary for the camera to work correctly and avoid issues.
  • High Accuracy GPS location must be enabled on the mobile device within the Location Settings.
  • The camera does not store videos. If a driver does not log into KellerMobile™ and drives, no video events will be recorded and there is no way to retrieve them.


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