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Encompass® Video Event Management (Classic Encompass)

Encompass® Video Event Management (Classic Encompass)




Using a front-facing, dash-mounted camera and comprehensive back-office dashboard, the solution provides video evidence of driver behavior that could pose risks to your operation's safety record and financial viability, including:

  • Hard Acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Lane Drifting
  • Following Too Close
  • Cornering
  • Hard Braking
  • Rolling Stops



This technology will allow:

  • the monitoring of driver activity and trends
  • the ability to view exact locations of events
  • the ability to watch video footage tied directly to each event


Disclaimer: Many states have laws that either restrict or prohibit mounting objects on windshields. Specific laws vary from state to state. Before mounting the Dash Cam Pro, check the state and local laws and ordinances where you drive. It is the user’s responsibility to mount the Dash Cam Pro in compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances. J. J. Keller does not accept responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of any state or local law or ordinance relating to your use of the Dash Cam Pro.



Guide2.pngClick here to view the Dash Cam Pro Quick Start Guide. If printed, print on both sides and fold.




  • Which mobile devices can I use with Encompass® Video?
    • Find a list of compatible mobile devices hereNote: Encompass® Video is only available on Android™ but will be coming to iPhone®/iPad® soon
  • How can I find the Encompass® Video in the Google Play Store?
    • Search for Encompass Video in the Google Play Store and look for the red icon.
  • Is there a microphone in the camera to record sound?
    • No
  • Is the camera always recording?
    • No, the camera will only record when an event is triggered.
  • What triggers an event?
    • ​​​​​​​There are thresholds in the Encompass back office. More on these thresholds can be found here.
  • How does the application distinguish between deliberate lane changes and lane drifts?
    • ​​​​​​​Simply, it doesn't.  The camera/application is not tied to the turn signal nor does it know the driver's intent so the system cannot know the difference.  Each triggered event should be reviewed to see if it is a possible coaching opportunity.
  • How long does a camera calibration take?
    • ​​​​​​​This can vary, but once the camera is connected, calibration should take less than a minute.
  • Where do I find the camera number (serial number)?
    • There is a sticker on the camera that contains the serial number.
  • Why is my dash cam video upside down?
    • This is due to how the camera is installed.  The orientation of the video can be changed during calibration.
  • Why is my app finding other cameras and not the one in the truck I wish to connect to? How does the application pick up cameras in other vehicles?
    • Confirm that the camera has power by looking for the blue light on the camera; it must be illuminated.  If the blue light is on, but the app is still not finding the camera, unplug the camera and plug it back in; the app should then be able to detect the camera.
  • What do I need to do to switch to a new unit?
    • Do NOT remove the camera from the vehicle and move it to another vehicle; a different camera should be installed in the new unit.  Instead, select the new unit from the unit list.  If the camera has not been connected to that mobile device in the past, then a calibration will need to be performed.
  • Can I tell the camera to start recording without an event being triggered?
    • Yes, you can trigger a manual event that will record for 10 seconds.


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