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Titling and Registration Settings

There are a few items admins can set up for Titling and Registration.


Go to Settings > Vehicles tab.


Registration Statuses

To update/add/edit any Registration Statuses that will display in your list of options when adding custom checklist items. click Registration Status within the Lookups section.


Currently added statuses will populate. To add a new status, click Add New.


Enter a name for the Status, whether you'd like for it to show in the list of options for your custom checklists, and if you'd like to flag the item as complete when working in a unit's title and registration information.


To edit any of the statuses, either click on the name of the status, or hover and click on the pencil icon to edit. Update any necessary information and Save. (Note: You can't change the name of the system's default statuses added (ie. Completed and Sent to State). You can change the name of any status added manually.)


To delete an item, hover and click the trashcan. (Note: You can only delete manually added statuses.)





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