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Encompass Classroom Training Courses

To access Classroom training courses, select the Training Courses tab from the left hand menu.


Then, select the Classroom tab. You will notice two subtabs: PowerPoint and Video. These two subtabs will display courses that have video associated with it, and courses that just have PowerPoint material.



Clicking on the name of the course will take you to the course details page. Here you will find additional materials for classroom instruction. From downloadable guides for teaching the course, to student handouts and materials, learning activities, quizzes, etc., this page is fully equipped with the materials to administer the course for your employees.

Classroom Courses with Video


When clicking on the Play icon, the video will pop-up. You can expand to full-screen view for your learners in the classroom.


Classroom Courses with PowerPoint

Much like the Video Classroom courses, the PowerPoint course details page provides downloadable materials related to the course topic. From teaching guides, to quizzes, handouts, and the PowerPoint presentation itself, there are many articles that will help guide learners through the course.



Entering Course Results

To enter learner results for the course, locate the course from the Classroom course list. Hover over the course line and click Results.


First, select the Training Checklist item that this course relates to. (You can set these up in Settings; see Encompass Training Setup for more information.) Then, check the box next to all of the employee/s you need to enter results for related to this course. Click Next when all selections have been made.


Enter in the date completed for the employees, their score and grade. You can also attach any files, or add notes to the employee's training file by selecting the attach/notes icons.



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