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Add, Edit, or Delete a Drug Test

View the Employee's Alcohol & Drug file by going to Drivers > Roster, click on the driver's name and then select the Alcohol & Drug tab, or, select Drivers > Alcohol & Drug and click on the driver's name to view their Alcohol & Drug file.


Adding a Drug Test

When viewing the Alcohol & Drug file, select Add New in the Drug Tests box.



Enter the details of the drug test and select Save & Add Attachment or Save.

Note: Collection Sites, Labs, and Medical Review Officers are added to Encompass in Settings; see Alcohol and Drug Setup for more information.



Editing/Deleting a Drug test

Hovering over a drug test record will allow for action buttons to display to the right of the record.  Select the pencil icon to edit the record, or select the trash bin to delete the record.


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