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Annual Review Processing

The Annual Review Process is triggered by the due date shown for the Annual Review in the Maintenance Checklist in the Driver Qualification file.


A list of drivers will be displayed for process when going to Drivers > Driver Qualification and selecting the Annual Review tab.



To filter for the drivers needed for annual review processing, select Advanced Filters next to the search box. Filter by the Review Status to be Expired or Expiring to see the drivers that are past due or are coming due for processing.



Choose the drivers to submit to the Annual Review Process by checking the box to the left of the driver.  Once all drivers are chosen, select Generate Annual Review Reports.



The selected drivers will be listed.  If there are additional drivers that need to be submitted to the Annual Review Process, you can search for them using the search bar at the top.  Once all necessary drivers are listed, select Generate Reports on the bottom right.



Select the reports to generate.

  1. Use a Third Party MVR Proider: If a third party service is selected, a request to that service to electronically provide an MVR to Encompass will be sent (No Pop-up Message).
  2. Generate Motor Vehicle Report:
  3. Generate Request for Check of Driving Report:
  4. Generate Motor Vehicle Driver's Certification of Violations/Annual Review of Driving Record:



Forms will pop-up in a new window and a success message will be displayed when re-directed to the Driver Qualification roster page. Additionally, the status of the annual review will be shown in the grid.



Once all reports are completed, hover to the right side of the view and select View.



Enter the dates in which each of the reports are completed and select Save.


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