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ELD Transition Checklist

Required items

     Ensure Encompass is up to date with the following:

  • Driver's License Information - Electronic Log User Information Guide
  • Unit Information - Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) entered for all powered units Guide
  • DOT Number entered in Company Level Listing Guide
  • Driver's Names - must be legal name as shown on the user's driver's license Guide
    • Can no longer have "Non ELD Driver" or other users like that
  • Encompass Users - each user must have a unique login (First Name, Last Name) Guide
    • Nicknames or generic user names are no longer allowed

      Keller Mobile Version - Make sure your users are on the most recent version of Keller Mobile Current Versions are found here

  • You can verify this by reviewing your Mobile Device List

      Make sure that your mobile devices can be mounted when in the vehicle

      Log Submission

  • All driver logs through the day prior to transition must be submitted successfully.
    • i.e. transitioning on March 3rd, logs through March 2nd need to have been submitted in Encompass.
  • Run the Violations Summary Report to find any missing logs violations to ensure all logs have been submitted.

      In Cab Material - material can be printed or saved a PDF version to the mobile device


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