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Change Summary for KellerMobile

Screen Views - In the Application

Drivers will be prompted for Duty status when first logging in:


Note that the driver can select "On-Duty Not Driving," "Off Duty" Or "Sleeper Berth." Driving is detected by the ELD and is not included in this view.

Special Driving Conditions are allowed (i.e., Personal Conveyance, Yard Moves, Non-Regulated Driving)


As shown in the view above, special driving conditions like Hyrail, Yard Moves or Non-Regulated Driving are permitted. But it should be noted that the Encompass system must be configured to allow for these special driving conditions in the application BEFORE the driver logs in. If the special conditions are missing, it means the Encompass® system has not been setup properly. 

Drivers will be asked to annotate a log when required.


For instance, Personal Use will require an annotation.  

Drivers will be required to verify the unit number and enter Trip Information


Roadside Inspection - Views have changed.

First, the initial view will ask the driver to select between Data Transfer and Roadside Inspection Mode:


If Data Transfer is selected, the Data Transfer view will look like this:


If Roadside Inspection Mode is selected, the driver will first see this



Scrolling down the view, the driver will be able to see the "Grid":


Note: This has been expanded to show the range of columns.

Drivers can also be designated as Exempt from ELD use:


The above shows how the driver can select "Exempt from ELD Use" when logging in.  
Note: This must be turned on in Encompass before it will be available to the driver for selection.


Drivers will be able to Edit ELD records:


Note: Drivers will not be able to adjust drive time. They also won't be able to adjust an event into the future or later (in the day) than was originally recorded.

Drivers will be responsible for reviewing and accepting OR rejecting log edits



Drivers will be responsible to Review and Certify their logs:


Driver will get an alert to certify the logs.  The driver will need to then select which logs to certify. Upon "Submit," s/he will be asked to "Agree" to the certification of the logs.

Team drivers will be able to reassign driving time:


After selecting a log event to edit, the driver can select "Reassign" (where a team driver is involved). The driver would then select the team driver to reassign the event to. This type of edit requires an annotation. Then "Apply" would be selected to make the change. The driver would get a success message at the end of the process.

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