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Change Summary for Encompass

Detailed Views

For an Administrator:

  1. New Requirements for Encompass users (about how the account must use valid ID)
  2. License requirements for driver records when adding drivers as KellerMobile™ users
  3. License requirements for KellerMobile users for any Employee imports (template has changed for "Import Existing Employees" process)
  4. Additional Flag (under Employee Rules) for drivers Exempt from ELD use
  5. Special Driving Rule Settings already in Encompass (part of Mandate)

    This can be found under the Company Level Rules or Employee Rules areas:

  • Personal Conveyance allowance
  • Yard Move allowance
  • Mobile Exemption driving allowance

For a General/Log User:

  1. Ability to view all Log Events for a day's log
  2. Ability to view the detail for the Log Event

    Note: The information posted in this view will vary dependent on whether the driver is connected to the ELD at the time of the event or not.
  3. Ability to view and request-add events to a driver's log

    After the event is added, the Log Events view changes:

    These requested changes go out to the Driver (KellerMobile) to review and either "Accept" or "Reject."
  4. Alert to manage requested changes to a driver's log (to see if changes have been accepted or rejected): "Log Edits Pending"
  5. Unassigned ELD Log Events Alert (in addition to the existing Unassigned AOBRD Log Events alert)

    The Unassigned AOBRD Log Events refers to the heritage process (the process prior to Mandate) while "Unassigned ELD Log Events" will be collecting unassigned log events per the mandate requirements. Note that you could end up with alerts in both areas if you have some lingering AOBRD events (not yet cleared) and have just moved to the mandate solution.




  • Though "Exempt From ELD Use?" shows on the screen, it's grayed under Company Level Rules. This can only be applied on a driver-by-driver basis.
  • You cannot turn on "Is Mobile Exempt Log Allowed?" and ALSO "Exempt from ELD Use?"  The system will block you.  It needs to be one or the other.
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